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Do you provide a full taxi / private hire solution?
Yes, you can treat us as a one stop shop. We provide the full taxi booking and dispatch solution including all the hardware. We are also flexible if customers wish to provide their own equipment.
Does your free trial means free?
Yes, we offer our taxi dispatch software for a free trial.
How long is your contract
We offer our contracts on very flexible terms and offer contracts that suit our customers circumstances. These range from one to five years contracts.
Does your system crash?
Simply, No. Our system is designed and developed in Java which is acclaimed as the most reliable programming environment and is the choice of large corporates for the development of crucial systems. Our investment in high quality and expensive development resources has resulted in a highly reliable Unicorn Taxi Booking and Dispatch System.
How often do you update you system
We continuously develop and enhance our taxi dispatch system with new features, with a major release available almost every year. There are also a number of optional minor releases during the year that allows customers who need a specific new feature to benefit from the new developments.
Does your address search cover the whole UK?
Yes, we use the latest address database for the taxi booking and our address search covers the whole UK.
Is your system suitable for account work?
Yes, we have extended facilities for account work and highly customised pricing and payment services for accounts as well as invoicing and possibility of link to accounting applications such as Sage and Quickbooks.

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