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Unicorn Taxi Booking and Dispatch System

Unicorn is an advanced taxi booking and dispatch system, designed with the needs of taxi and private hire companies in mind.
The flexibility, ease of use and low cost of the Unicorn Taxi Dispatch system makes it the perfect choice for private hire companies and taxi offices employing from few to hundreds of drivers.
Unicorn's intelligent dispatch engine will boost your productivity and reduces the cost by allocating the jobs to closest drivers whilst also keeping track of the fair distribution of the jobs. Unicorn equally improves the efficiency in the office by assisting the controllers with a full range of functions including Caller Line Identification (CLI), Address Management, Automatic Price Calculation, Delay Estimates, Online Taxi Bookings, Trip and Security Codes,account management and whole range of other functions built to save time and increase accuracy.
Deploying the latest technology, Unicorn uses drivers mobiles or installed GPS hardware to create a full picture of the locations of all vehicles and customers at any given moment of time. The information transposed on maps allows the controllers to have a full graphical picture of the operation at all times.
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Automated Taxi Bookings

Automated Taxi Bookings

Unicorn implements a full range of advanced features to deliver an easy to use, efficient and accurate taxi booking system.

Caller Identification

The Caller Line Identification (CLI) of the Unicorn Taxi Dispatch Software assists in capturing the customer address and contact details upon receiving calls. The Pop-up allows the operator to use details of saved previous taxi bookings.

Address Management

Find any address by entering any part of the address into the Unicorn Taxi Booking Software and search the complete address database.

Automatic Pricing

The price of taxi bookings in the Unicorn system are calculated based on your pricing policy using both price sheets and true distance and time calculations. The flexible pricing on the unicorn allows any fine tuning of you prices by date, time, location, account or other desired criteria. The system also benefits from an approved taximeter included in the driver app.

Accurate Availability Estimates

Unicorn taxi dispatch engine keeps track of all bookings and available cabs and provide an accurate estimate of the earliest taxi dispatch time.

Online Bookings

Unicorn online taxi booking, allows customers to place their bookings online with the options for account bookings, credit card or cash payments.

Taxi Dispatch System

Taxi Dispatch System

Unicorn offers two modes of taxi dispatch, automatic and manual. Whilst you can entirely rely on the automatic taxi dispatch, the manual method puts you in the full control of the system. For best of the both worlds, you may choose to use a combination of the two modes.

Automatic Taxi Dispatch

Unicorn features an Intelligent Taxi Dispatch Engine that uses a set of policies including the driver's distance from the pick-up location to assign the taxi booking to the most appropriate driver. Whilst distance from the location is important, the dispatch engine also measures driver's past and future workload, fairness and a range of other set policies when allocating the taxi bookings to drivers. The system automatically informs the drivers of changes or cancellations and in case of driver's difficulty return the taxi booking to the queue for immediate re-allocation.

Manual Taxi Dispatch

Whilst automatic taxi dispatch can take care of the whole operation, human intervention may be desirable in special cases such as taxi bookings that no driver is willing to accept or when a controller wishes to assign a taxi booking to a specific driver. The manual taxi dispatch takes advantage of a clean graphic interface with maps showing the location of the pickup and closest drivers together with the drivers availability. Alternatively you can select the driver from a list, regardless of the location. Taxi Bookings can also be allocated at the time of the order entry.

Account Management

Account Management

Unicorn's customer and driver accounting modules allow for the easy management of all accounts with the option to integrate with the major accounting systems such as Sage and Quickbooks.

Customer Accounts

Working with many businesses requires an efficient management of credit accounts with periodical invoicing, customer statements and sales and account receivable reports. Unicorn Taxi Booking and Dispatch System allows the easy management of all account related activities.

Driver Accounts

Unicorn provides the flexibility to customise each taxi or minicab driver account to his/her requirements and keep track of all payments and outstanding amounts. The driver account management is accompanied by a comprehensive set of reports to assist decision making and promote better communication.

Web Interface

Unicorn Online Taxi Booking system offers a rich experience to both remote workers and online visitors thanks to its unique architecture.

Web Interface

Cloud based architecture

The Cloud Based architecture of the Unicorn Taxi Booking and Dispatch System allows for easy installation and roll out of the system at multiple locations. All locations can be served from a single server installation, reducing the cost of expanding your business to new locations.

Remote monitoring

Managers and controllers can monitor the Unicorn system remotely using only a web browser from anywhere at any time with secure access to the Internet, giving them total control and peace of mind.

Online Bookings

Unicorn online taxi booking, allows all customers to place their taxi bookings online with the option for account bookings, credit card or cash payments.

Online job tracking

This option allows the customers to track their taxi bookings online using a web interface that gives them the most accurate position and estimated time of arrival of their taxi.

Remote support and Updates

We can deal with all requests remotely over the Internet using the web based interface of the Unicorn system. All updates are applied remotely, making sure that our clients are always benefiting from the latest version of our taxi booking and dispatch software.

Unicorn Mobile

Unicorn Taxi Booking and Dispatch System offers you the flexibility of choosing any Android or iPhone handset

Job Screen

Taxi bookings are sent in real time to the mobile data terminal, where the driver can accept or reject any taxi booking with the touch of a button. The user interface is designed to be extremely driver friendly.

Real Time Location Tracking

The location of each driver is tracked in real time using the latest satellite GPS systems. This enables the Unicorn taxi dispatch system to be aware of the position of each cab and manage dispatch of taxi bookings in the most efficient way therefore improving company performance and bookings throughputs.

Satellite Navigation

Satellite navigation system is available on Unicorn Mobile, helping drivers easily find pick up or destinations, ensuring a prompt service.


Driver app benefits from an approved taximeter that is integrated in the system and can handle all tariffs automatically.

Credit Card Payments

The driver app can seamlessly be paired with a mobile card reader to allow credit card processing. This incurs a small charge for the card reader.

Unicorn Mobile Android PDA

Driver Panic button

Drivers who are using the Unicorn PDA can feel safe, as in case of an emergency they are only one touch away from raising an alarm in the control centre by pressing their panic button.

Ring Back / Call Back / Text Back

There is no need for the drivers to get out of their taxis or call the customers to notify them of the arrival of their taxi, the Unicorn system will automatically contact the customer using the method of their choice upon arrival of the cab.


There are a number of pre-configured messages on the driver app that the drivers can send back to the control centre with the touch of a button without any typing allowing hassle free communications between the driver and the control centre.

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